Green Vein Kratom Review

Green Vein Kratom Review

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Out of the 3 types of kratom (red, green, and white veins), Green Vein is the most moderate.

green vein kratom review

Green Vein Pictured on Left

My Green Vein Kratom Review is that it blends the effects of white and red vein without being too stimulating or too sedating.

Sound like the perfect kratom?  A lot of people would agree.  I use a good amount of green vein kratom and it’s perfect for so many situations.  However if you are looking to get A LOT of stimulation or A LOT of relaxation/anti-anxiety green vein kratom isn’t going to give you as strong an effect in those qualities as will white or red kratom which are more targeted in their effects.

I think green vein is great as a casual everyday type of strain.  It’s great for going about your normal daily activities without being overpoweringly strong.

I’ve had a super positive experience with Green Vein Bali Kratom. This stuff has amazing effects.  A ton of potential for pain relief and euphoria.  When I take Green Vein Bali my entire body just feels great, I feel energised and excited, and if I had any nagging or lingering pain/injuries, they will be completely gone.

I always keep several green vein strains in my kratom rotation, and Green Vein Indonesian as well as Bali never leave my rotation. I have each of them once every 7 days!

To wrap up my green vein kratom review, one of the main benefits of this stuff is that you can take it and get lots of work done on it.  Usually for work ethic enhancement I use white vein maeng da, but it isn’t practical to be using that one too much.  I use green vein kratom on those days, and can still get a nice boost in work performance without becoming too relaxed like I do with most red strains.

Red Vein Kratom Review

Red Vein Kratom Review

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Red Vein Kratom is excellent for Relaxation and Pain Relief.  Most Red Strains are mellow in feeling but a few strands like Red Hot Hippo can be extremely energising.  However, for the most part, Red Vein feels “Heavy” on the body if you know what I mean.  Similar, to the way an Indica Strain of Marijuana will promote a sort of “Sinking into the Sofa” Feeling.

If you are using kratom for pain relief, Red Vein strains will be common in your rotation.  Two

red vein kratom review

Red Vein in Pictured Center

of the most prominent notes of red vein are the euphoria and pain relief they provide.  The pain relief is significant.  This is not like taking 1000mg tylenol pain relief.  This is like 5-10mg vicodin hydrocodone type of pain relief.  The pain is completely eliminated.

A lot of users who are using kratom to quit smoking or doing other drugs have shared with me that they prefer red vein kratom because of the anti-anxiety and relaxation effect.

My favorite red vein kratom review strain is Magic Hippo. This is a rare breed of kratom grown in the Sundanese Region of South East Asia.  It’s the most feel good and euphoria inducing strain I have ever experienced.  I remember taking some Magic Hippo Kratom before I walked to University Class in the morning and experiencing the sky, the trees, the ocean air and walked into class looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Overall, out of the 3 kratom types, Red Vein Kratom is the slowest and most sedating of the group. You will find that it’s strengths are relaxation and anti-anxiety, and you will find that it’s weakness can be drowsiness.

I always include at least 2 red vein strains in a 7 strain kratom rotation, Switching strains each day.



Kava Kava

Kava Kava

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If you buy kava kava you have to make sure to get “Waka” grade which is harvested from the lateral roots of the Kava plant.  The lateral roots of the Kava Plant contain the Vast Majority of the Kavalactones, which are the psychoactive alkaloids contained in the plant.

If you buy waka grade kava, this plant is an extremely potent anxiety reducer and can be used in  a manner similar to something like Valium, where it can be used on demand whenever relief is needed as opposed to being used all day throughout the day some like anti anxiety medications.  Kava is a potent natural alternative medicine for stronger CNS depressants and and benzodiazepine prescriptions.

This is Where I Buy the Waka Grade Kava Kava I Use.


Modafinil Effects – Where to buy Provigil Modafinil Online – Steroids For Your Brain – Best Smart Drug – Safe Smart Drug – Limitless Pill

Tunnel Vision, Extreme Focus, Absence of Fatigue, Superman Euphoria, The Ability modafinilto Out Study and Out Work your Peers (even the ones on adderall)  – That is Modafinil in a Nutshell

Modafinil (Brand Name Provigil) is a Nootropic compound I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a long time.  I’ve been putting off telling you guys all about it, making videos, and pointing you to the best supplier for several months now because I feel this compound deserves special consideration and first hand experience/research since I am so impressed with it. I am convinced that this chemical is so potent and so powerful a productivity catalyst that it actually rivals Kratom as the most fantastic substance on this planet.

There are MANY athletes, businessman, CEO’s, Students, and others using modafinil to get an edge on their competition.

Modafinil is straight up performance enhancing drugs for your mind.  Modafinil is to thinking power for the human mind as steroids are to hitting power in Baseball.  

Modafinil was developed as a non-amphetamine based stimulant drug to treat narcolepsy and modafinilovernight shift work.  Narcolepsy is a disease where people fall asleep randomly during the day, modafinil makes it so that they can stay awake.

I tried this stuff for the first time 6 months ago after hearing about it for a couple years.  Upon taking it was again (just like with discovering kratom) stunned to discover something so effective at improving my ability to work hard and effeciently, and harness the full power of my intellectual abilities.  Where had this stuff been all my life?  Why doesn’t the general public know about this stuff?

Honestly, it’s beyond me, but i’m beginning to not be surprised anymore when I fall upon little known substances containing exponential power to enhance the human condition.

Modafinil Effects –

  • Intense Focus (adderall like focus)
  • No Peripheral effects all stimulation is focused in the mind, none spills off into funky heart palpitations or jittery energy felt by the rest of the body (This is due to modafinil not stimulating Norepinephrine receptors that cause adrenaline to be released the way chemicals like caffeine and amphetamine do)
  • Absence of any Type of Fatigue remember back to the last time you had the most killer night’s sleep and you woke up and had all the energy in the world to kick ass all day long.  No fatigue, no sleepiness, just a foot on the gas waiting to punch the pedal
  • Superman Feeling I think this goes without saying, but when you have the ability to focus and work with PURPOSE for 10-12 hours straight you feel a bit like superman.  I enjoy this because I do my best work when I have this kind of laser focus on my goal/task and gain a sort of euphoria caused by satisfaction from the relentless pursuit of my goal.
  • Ability to Stay Up All Night – Not going to lie i’ve used modafinil after a long days work when I was absolutely beat.  A sexy senorita asked if I could accompany her to a disco club at about midnight.  Normally, there is absolutely no way I could have gone,  even with 2 or 3 large cups of coffee, no way.  I couldn’t pass this opportunity up though (LMAO) so I took 100mg Modafinil and IT WAS LIKE I HAD JUST HAD A FULL NIGHT’S 8 HOUR SLEEP I shit you not, all fatigue from the day was gone.  It was like taking an eraser to my fatigue and just stamping it out.

After taking modafinil you’re going to have to rest more the next day if you chose to stay up all night.  Obviously using a performance enhancing substance to stay awake is going to cause you some sleep debt that you’ll have to pay back the next day.  Which is why I like using modafinil to completely hammer a project i’m working on in one day.  Maybe during a 5 day work week i will spend 15 hours or 3 hours per day SERIOUSLY KICKING ASS working at peak level.  Well if I take Modafinil I can literally squeeze those 15 hours of peak performance work into one day and then just sleep the next day and have the rest of the week to chill.

How Often Can You Take Modafinil?

Twice a week guys,  this is not kratom, there are not different strains you can take in order to keep your tolerance down.  I’ve experimented with a bunch of different way of taking it including taking it everyday for a week.  From my experience, taking it twice a week preserves the full effects of the compound and maintains it’s peak benefits.

What Dose Do I Take?

100-200mg is the standard dose.  100mg works fine for me, but some people say they need 200mg in order to get the desired effect.


How Long Does It Take To Kick In?

It takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half to feel modafinil.  The stimulations you will notice as it starts to come on are intense clarity and a complete absence of fatigue.

Is Modafinil Safe?

Thank god this stuff is not amphetamine based as so many mental enhancers are.  I didn’t get any side effects but in a study by Teva Pharmaceuticals negative side-effects such as nervousness, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, and gastrointestinal problems were reported by less than 10% of participants.

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Legal Adderall Alternatives

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HCG Diet

HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Guide + Where To Buy HCG

This Article Will Summarise What HCG is, What It is Used For, And Where to Buy Real HCG online without getting scammed.

What Is Hcg?

HCG is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  Put Simply HCG  stimulates the function of the gonads (Testicles in Men, Ovaries in Women).

buy hcg

The HCG I Got From The Pharmacy I Recommend
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The gonads are controlled by a mechanism in the body called the HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis) in Men and the HPOA (substituting “Testicular” for “Ovarian”) in women.  For the sake of simplicity we will simply refer to this mechanism as the HPTA for both sexes.  

Normally, The Hypothalamus secretes the substance GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone which stimulates the pituitary gland to release FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which in turn stimulate the gonads to their respective functions.

HCG mimics the actions of FSH and LH causing the gonads to work at their full capacity if under active, and to work to cause super physiologic levels of natural sex hormones in the body if normally active gonads are already present.

What Is HCG used For?

HCG is extremely versatile and has many effective uses.  

Like many of the substances I discuss on this website, I am determined to arm you with the information you need in order to make informed decisions using your own mind.

  • HCG is used as a fertility aid

If you have a low sperm count or irregular ovulation taking HCG will solve this extremely effectively.  HCG is so effective at restoring fertility in the body that even when a man is using anabolic steroids or a woman is using hormonal birth control HCG will cause the individual to become extremely fertile.  So, don’t use HCG and birth control together because you WILL get pregnant lol.

  • HCG as a Diet Aid

British Endocrinologist Dr. Albert Simeons Famously invented the HCG diet protocol after studying pregnant women in India on a low calorie diet, and “fat boys” with pituitary problems treated with low-dose HCG, observed that both lost fat rather than lean muscle tissue.  He proposed a low dosage injection of 125IU HCG along with an ultra low calorie weight loss diet in order to rapidly lose fat while maintaining muscle mass.  While strong anecdotal evidence from HCG diet enthusiasts suggest great success using the protocol, Dr. Simeons’ findings have been a matter of dispute.

  • HCG to recover natural hormonal levels after administration of Hormonal Birth Control or Anabolic Steroids

Administration of HCG for those dealing with a shut down endocrine system after a stopping usage of exogenous hormones are routinely restored to full functionality almost immediately upon injection of HCG.  HCG is extremely effective for this purpose.

  • Increasing Testosterone Levels & Treating Low T

Since HCG stimulates the function of the testicles it can dramatically increase their production of testosterone given a high enough dosage.  HCG is an example of a no bullshit Testosterone Boosting Supplement.  In fact, doctors are known to prescribe standalone HCG therapy to patients with low testosterone to bring their testosterone levels back up to those of a healthy young male, this is even done successfully with guys over 40 years old.

  • Special Info:  HCG is how porn stars shoot massive loads of Semen

I’m actually not joking at all.  Administration of HCG will triple to quadruple the amount of semen you shoot out when you have an orgasm or cum.  I know this from personal experience.  It is an industry secret in the porn industry.

I will not be discussing how to administer HCG (It is a painless simple injection using an insulin syringe) or dosages for various uses in this article, or on this website.  You will have to find information about that elsewhere.


I will supply you with a legit source that I have used in the past to obtain USA pharmacy grade HCG cheap, so you can buy hcg if you want.

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Why Is Kratom Labeled “Not For Human Consumption?”

Why Is Kratom Labeled “Not For Human Consumption?”

To Protect the companies selling kratom’s asses.  Kratom is not approved by not for human consumptionthe FDA for human consumption.  However, kratom is not a controlled substance and is legal to buy and sell.  The seller states “not for human consumption” on the label as a “token gesture” to the FDA so that they do not get in trouble.

Though kratom is not approved, many harmful substances ARE approved.  No one has ever died from taking kratom.  On the contrary, Tylenol, Alcohol, Caffienated Beverages have all been responsible for deaths while BEING FDA approved for human consumption.

The moral of the story is, to do your own research.  You shouldn’t rely on the government to tell you whether or not you can put something in your body.  We are all adults here.  We can do our own research and make our own decisions on whether or not something will be healthy and fine for us to consume.

Personally, I have consumed a very large quantity of kratom over the years and I have never had a single health complication as a result of it.

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not for human consumption

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Kratom High

Kratom High

Does Kratom Get You High?kratom high

This is a common question those who have never used kratom before ask me.

The answer is subjective.

Does it get you high in the traditional sense where you are “In an altered state of consciousness?”

No, it does not.  I think alot of new kratom users who may have previous experience with smoking a lot of weed or using hard drugs may be surprised or a bit let down when they take kratom the first time.

When you take kratom, it does notHit You” and change the way you think or behave.  I describe it as a potentiator for those emotions I would already otherwise feel.  There have been plenty of times I have felt like shit emotionally and taken kratom only to continue feeling like shit.

Kratom isn’t the kind of substance that can be used to “Escape” and live in a different place for a few hours.

If you are simply TOLERATING life instead of LIVING it, and looking to use a drug to get a kratom high to help you deal with your unfortunate reality, I, an experienced kratom user, can confidently tell you that you will not be satisfied with this product.

What kratom is good for is taking your true feelings, bringing them to the surface of your consciousness, and magnifying their force.  kratom high

Does Kratom Make You Feel Differently?

Yes of course, why else would anyone use it.  It has all of the benefits discussed on this website.

Does Coffee make you feel differently? Does Tylenol make you feel differently? Does A Single Beer make you feel differently?

The answer to all those questions is yes, they do make you feel different, but not in a “BAM!” kind of way.  They just subtle changes to the feelings that were already present.

I truly believe that kratom is the earth’s greatest gift in mentally beneficial effects to humans.

The incredible insight, empathy, work ethic, and pain relief it can give along with it’s unique ability to not cause a dependence make it an asset I must thank nature for with all my heart.

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Kratom A Catalyst For Motivation

MotivationKratom A Catalyst For Motivation

When it comes down to it, the real reason I enjoy kratom so much is because it is a catalyst for motivation.

How many of us seek high and low for the elusive “Motivation” we are even willing to pay big bucks for?

Close your eyes for a moment and think back to a time when you had extreme satisfaction in what was going on around you.  Do you remember at that moment how you felt as if you could take on the whole world single handedly?

For me, those times have been peak experiences that have benefits spanning for weeks and even months after they occur.

Moments of clarity seem to cut open a channel in the universe where we are able to consume energy and power from the forces that created this earth that we live on.

We are able to consume some of that power during moments of clarity and then feed off of the stored energy for weeks and even months afterward.

I’ve had these peak experiences from a number of different catalysts.  Music, Triumph in Sports, the Acquisition of a new skill, but none have been able to produce these peak experiences as consistently and as often as kratom.

Ancient American Indians smoked peyote and others ate magic mushrooms in attempts to connect to another plane spiritually and attain a peak experience.

Using substances to get to a spiritual state of enhanced clarity and power has been a regular part of man’s existence for Eons.

Maybe it was with the growing plague of organised religions spreading their oppression, that so many have come to reject “Spirituality” but, it DOES exist guys.

Kratom Creates Moments of Clarity

Tap into the Mental and Spiritual Power that this Ancient plant form East Asia can open to you.


Daniel from